About Us

This Web tool was developed by RTI International, a nonprofit health research institute, Washington University in St. Louis Health Communication Research LibraryStoryCorps, and CommunicateHealth.

The advice and suggestions included in this tool were adapted from existing studies and research. The bibliography page lists of all the sources used in developing the tool.

The stories included in this guide come from parents who survived cancer and their children who helped them do so. Many families chose to record their stories because they wanted to help other people who are living with cancer.

These parents remember what it’s like to be faced with the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis and the incredibly difficult task of sharing it with their children. Some of these parents had children who were just infants when they found out that they had cancer. Others had grown children. But they have all dealt with the challenges that you are facing now.

Some parents continue to fight cancer with the support of their children; others are in remission. One thing they all have in common: their stories are overwhelmingly positive and full of hope. From the first day they told their children that they had cancer, they have been on the journey together. Remember, you aren’t alone either.


These stories were collected through the StoryCorps project and the interviews are saved in the Library of Congress.